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Gezond worden en Gezond blijven    /  To become healthy, and stay healthy 



We provide preventive and curative care in which the personal approach is key

A lot of conditions are well to be treated within the possibilities of general physiotherapy, however sometimes a more specialised treatment provides more succes such as ortho manual therapy or RSQ1 training.

Due to its master in science and the ability to apply specific method of examination and treatment, ortho manual therapy is well suitable for diagnosing, whether or not in combination with the treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and of the spinal column in particular. 

Within our practise, we offer the possibility to work from a variety of perspectives, on a solution that suits you best. Precisely because of the unique character of every individual and every complaint, the above optimal possibilities offer a targeted and effective approach. 

What is Ortho Manual Therapy?

Ortho-manual therapy utilizes spinal or joint manipulations as one of many hands-on manual therapies in order to treat the patient, as well as prescribing an individualized exercise after care program. In this way ortho manual therapy is able to marry together different treatment approaches (chiropractic, osteopath and physiotherapy) and offer an in depth and thorough treatment plan

PROFYSIO has 2 locations in Costa Blanca


Partida Cap Negret 55a

N-332 nabij La Olla

tel. 86 551 75 41   

Alfaz del Pí

Calle tabarca 16a

Arabi Plaza, Planta 1

tel 96 58 88 797


The location in Altea offers a training facility for special medical based sportclasses, rehabilitation and trainings advice for athletes. These unique and professional facilities are exclusively for  clients of PROFYSIO & Health Center.  

  • Rehabilitation after orthopeadic surgery and to strengthen your muscels before surgery.
  • Regain strength after a period of illness
  • Guided training in case of burn-out
  • Guided training in case of being overweight
  • Senior fitness
  • Fitness with health issues
  • Trainingsprogram for sportsmen and professional athletes

    Besides the above, there is a possibility for you, as client to train on your own with a training shedule provided by the physiotherapist specifically based upon your fysicial goals and desires. This trainings program is included in the contractprice of the gym and is accompanied by an extensive instruction of the machinery and exercices. 

    As well you can choose to participate in several groupclasses, guided by the physiotherapist, such as Fit& Flexible Gym, XL gym for people being overweight and Back Training. 

    Is you class not in the shedule? Please contact us. 

    Fit & Flexible Gym

    Tuesday 10.30-11.30

    Fit & Flexible Gym

    Tuesday 11.30-12.30

    Fit & Flexible Gym

    Friday 12.00-13.00

    Back training 

    Wednesday 17.00-18.00

    XL gym class

    Monday 17.00-18.00