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Gezond worden en Gezond blijven    /  To become healthy, and stay healthy 


PROFYSIO & Health Center kent een aantal unieke samenwerkingsverbanden. Voor meer informatie over deze partners en samenwerking, neemt u gerust contact met ons op.

PROFYSIO & Health Center has a unique collaboration with several partners. If you want to learn more about these partners or the collaborated services, please feel free to contact us.


  • Simedsol, sportstravel and rehabilitation  (NL - ENG - NO- ES)
  • Cure4Life, the Netherlands  (NL - ENG)
  • Premium Prevention, the best way to treat a stroke is to prevent one
  • RAIN, pure and natural seednutrition.  (all languages)
  • RSQ1, certified neurostimulation training device  (all languages) 
  • Dr. Paul van 't Pad-Bosch, reumatologist, the Netherlands (NL - ENG - DE) 
  • Eliane Ferreira, Beauty specialist and massage therapist (ENG - ES - NO)
  • Stewart Lennox Gordon, teeth whitening (ENG - ES ) 
  • Bram Holleboom, B' Design and Printing  (NL - ENG - ES - DE)